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3D Scan Services, LLC is the partner you have been looking for. 3D scanning solutions that are affordable. Expertise that is priceless.

Our experts can help with every step in the project. From scanning the object to creating a reverse engineered 3D CAD model.

This is a 1,000 year old piece of broken jewelry that we scanned with our non contact lasers. We then repaired the fracture in the 3D model.

With high precision scanners and software, we guarantee quality results every time.

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Manufacturing- Discover the advantages of using a 3 dimensional digital representation of your object from 3D Scan Services, LLC. For example, some of our manufacturing customers are using their CAD models to design and create molds, castings, and fixtures. In addition, we have customers using our 3D models in their thermoforming process. If you want to make modifications to an existing part it can save hours of time to have us scan and generate a fully parametric 3D model (SLDPRT).

Rapid Prototyping- 3D printing has become a standard step in the design and manufacturing process, but you need a 3D model before you can print. We can scan your object and provide you with a model that is ideal for 3D printing. We can even make adjustments to your model, such as enlarging it, and then you can get a 3D printed part. For 3D printing, we recommend Forecast3D™, a leading 3D printing service provider. Ask them for more information on 3D printing one of our models.

Documentation- What would happen if you lost the only mold or cast you have for your product? In today's high tech world, you need CAD drawings or a 3D model to create a new mold. We can scan the existing mold or product and you can have the peace of mind knowing you have a digital record of your product and can get new tooling made when needed.

3D Scan Services, LLC can help you reach your goals faster and more cost-effectively.

In the Movies!

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3D Scan Services recently partnered with Multi Fun Productions on their latest Transformer short film. We provided Multi Fun Productions with a high resolution 3D model. Read more...

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