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Using 3D Models

There are many ways in which businesses of all kinds are utilizing 3 dimensional digital models. On this page we discuss certain industries and some of the ways businesses in these industries can use 3D scanning and reverse engineering to their advantage.

Keep in mind that outsourcing your 3D scanning and reverse engineering needs to 3D Scan Services, LLC can save a small or medium size business a considerable amount of money compared to keeping a highly trained CAD specialist on the payroll.

Packaging Industry
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We know that in the packaging industry time and material is important. The faster you can create a new package the faster it can go into production. It is also important to make packages that fit as securely as possible and use the least amount of material in order to reduce costs. If you have a 3D digitized model from 3D Scan Services, LLC you no longer need to build your part from scratch. You can be confident knowing you have created the most efficient design possible. In addition, we can scan existing products and compare them to your CAD models to ensure they are being produced to your standards.

Thermoforming is a manufacturing process where a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a specific shape in a mold, and trimmed to create a usable product. If you have an object with unique shapes, organic features or any design that is difficult to model by hand, 3D Scan Services, LLC can help. We can scan the prototype or object that you want to create and provide you with a variety of files: STL, SLDPRT, IGES, STEP, PRT. We can also scan your existing forms and make modifications or confirm that the forms are being produced correctly. Custom thermoforming is a great solution for packaging food, retail, cell phones, cosmetics and many other industries.

Here is what one of our customers in the packaging industry, Plastic Ingenuity, said about our service:
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"We are very pleased with the speed and service that you have provided for us. Your company has exceeded our expectations time and time again. We look forward to doing business with you again." -- Dennis Archer
Computer graphics industry
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If you work in the Computer Graphics industry, producing the most true-to-life computer graphics possible is obviously important. If you want to generate a 3D model there is no better way to start than by scanning an existing part. Once you have a 3D digitized model, you can import it into your favorite animation and modeling applications. A digitized model from 3D Scan Services, LLC includes JPEGs that are mapped to the 3D geometry. For example, if you scan a wooden sculpture that you want to animate, you are already a step ahead because the wood texture and color is included with the 3D model that we produce.

We know that as an artist your time and money is valuable and we can help you save both. There is no reason you should have to build a basic part from scratch then have to animate it on top of that. Ask us how we can help.