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Building the World's Largest Chess Piece

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3D Scan Services, LLC helped create the world's largest chess piece, certified by the Guinness Book of World Records! We were hired by R.G. Ross Construction to create an enormous digital model of an actual chess piece. R.G. Ross Construction was very appreciative of our quick turnaround because the scanning, modeling and construction was all done in less than one month to meet a tight deadline. See more in this article from the St. Louis Times: World's Largest Chess Piece

Here are the steps involved in this project:

We first performed a 3D laser scan of a normal chess piece. Our engineers then fully reverse engineered the model to create an idealized model.

The next step was to virtually enlarge the model to over 16 feet tall. Our engineers separated the 3D model into more than 250 different layers. All of the geometric information was provided to R.G. Ross Construction in a format they could use to cut each layer to precisely the correct dimension. A time-lapse video of R.G. Ross Construction building the chess piece can be seen here: Building the World's Largest Chess Piece

How can 3D Scan Services, LLC help you with your next project?

This is just one of the many applications where a 3D model from 3D Scan Services, LLC can help you turn your idea into a reality. We have been involved in many unique projects that involve scanning small objects and then enlarging them or modifying them to be used for new purposes. For the chess piece application we provided over 250 individual files that were used to cut and assemble the giant chess piece. We can provide a fully featured 3D model that will allow you to make your own modifications inside of Solidworks. Or you can work directly with one of our engineers and then we can make the modifications or enhancements for you. If your object is suited to NURBS surfaces like many organic objects are, we can provide you with a finished model in the form of an IGES or STEP file. These files can be 3D printed or taken to a CNC machine or mold maker to make your final production part. Many customers have an idea about where they want to end up, but are not sure how to get there - that is where we can help you.

3D Scan Services, LLC has years of experience in the 3D space, working with companies in many industries, from graphics to wood working to packaging and mold making. We can help direct you in the right path, once we know your end goal. Our expertise will save you time and money! Click here to submit an inquiry and start exploring how 3D scanning can help you!